Бизнес-путь Сэма Зормати — французского бизнесмена и разработчика


Герой обложки нового выпуска PEOPLE IN — Сэм Зормати – французский предприниматель и разработчик. Но назвать его именно «французским» предпринимателем довольно сложно, ведь в сферу его предпринимательских интересов попадают рынки всего мира. 

Нам удалось пообщаться с этим разносторонним и опытным бизнесменом. Читайте интервью Сэма Зормати и убедитесь, что в мире бизнеса мудрость прекрасно сочетается с любовью к риску. 

What is the basis of a successful business? The ability to persuade people? No fear of unnecessary risk? Personal commercial interest? Or is it the desire to create something new? To answer this question, we turned to a French businessman and developer Sam Zormati.

— Sam Zormati was born in Paris. After graduating from the university with a Master’s degree in political science, he began as an Intern in a Finance company. A little later, fate brought him to Miami, to a holding company that is engaged in the extraction of precious stones and metals in Guinea, West Africa. Now, Mr. Zormati represents the interests of several holdings, including K- ENERGIE Company, which is engaged in the supply of electricity to remote areas of Africa and other countries. He also represents the interests of TACTIC HOMES INC Construction Company, which focuses on innovative technologies in construction. Since 2004, the entrepreneur has also been developing various technologies for payment terminals, many of which have been patented. Before his arrival in Kazakhstan, we were able to ask the business-man a few questions on the topic of successful business. We are publishing his most interesting reflections on the pages of L’Officiei.

Mr. Zormati, now you’re working on a PowerPlant-technology project by which electricity appears even where it was hard even to imagine a few years ago. Why are you sure that this project will succeed?

— 600 million people live without electricity in Africa today. I think this reason is enough.

Are there any people who have influenced your attitude to business?

— As strange as it may sound, but I am such a person myself (smiles).

How much time per week do you spend on business, yourself and your family?

— Of course, to devote time to myself, and even more so to my family is paramount for me, and when there is such an opportunity, I certainly do it. But unfortunately, business takes up most of my time. I can’t deny this.

Should I start a business with relatives or friends?

— This is the worst thing that can happen to you! (laughs)

If you went bankrupt would you be able to re-launch your business?

— Yes, I lost my finances 5 times and 5 times I started all over again. Business- is a huge risk in 9 out of 10 cases.

What would you recommend to invest in, in Finance?

-Power plants and prepaid cards (ask what he meant)

What are your greatest strengths?

— Respect for everything and dedication.

If you had not become an entrepreneur, what profession would you have chosen?

— I’d probably become an actor.

What niche do you think is the most fertile?

— It may sound strange, but I can do everything from chocolate to power plants. Business is business.

What is special about your equipment and technologies?

— We own the system, thanks to which we conduct electricity in record time. Basically we are talking about three months.

What can you save in the first years of business and what exactly is not worth saving?

— You have to make your business stand-alone as quickly as possible, even if in the first years of its existence, you do not see any profit. But in fact, tangible risks begin only «in the second year of life»…

Perhaps you have studied the Kazakh market well and noted some of its features for yourself?

— Very reliable people live and work in Kazakhstan. And this reliability applies to all aspects. Not only business. I think this is the first thing you need to know when entering the Kazakhstan market.

Sometimes you just go to a certain country with a large amount of money, but you do not have the desire to invest it in something. This is how I cut off the unnecessary.

Are there any principles you follow in business?

— The main thing in business is to be decent, keep promises and fulfill them under any circumstances.

Has it ever happened that your partners become your friends?

Friendship and business don’t match. Therefore, they should not be mixed.

Everyone has obstacles on their way. What was the most difficult moment in your life and how did you overcome it?

There are always people who strive to take advantage of your kindness or take your place. Most often, these are people who do not have a single idea of what honesty and integrity are. In such cases, the key to everything is patience and endurance. It is not necessary to enter into conflicts too often.

Are there any books that inspire you?

— They are many, but the books «Nerve of war» and «Money» made the greatest impression on me (find out who the authors are).

How do you see your business in a few years?

— I think that we will develop in such areas as the East of Russia, India, and the countries of the African Peninsula.

What advice would you give to novice businessmen?

— It is necessary to be persistent always and everywhere. And even if you face problems on your way — you still have to be ready to go further.



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